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Office Lease Brokerage
(Domestic Companies)

We propose an office move that will expand your business. After hearing and taking into account your various demands, we support the selection of the most suitable office from abundant property information.
Our professional staff, knowledgeable with the office brokerage business, will support the selection of the property, negotiation of terms and conditions and the closing of the contract, enabling a smooth office move.


Office Lease Brokerage(Foreign Companies)
We provide information in English to foreign companies. We support the development of materials, such as the trend of office rent in Japan and a comparison sheet of the building currently leasing and potential properties, which are necessary to report to the overseas headquarter.

Store Property Lease Brokerage
We introduce customers who would like to open a store or a restaurant to the owners of the building suitable for such store or restaurant.
We support the selection of the tenant that can maximize the asset value of the building by taking the surrounding environment and existing tenants into account.

Office Building Purchase and Sale Brokerage
From a variety of office building purchase and sale information, we provide property information that meets your usage purpose.
To customers planning to use for your own company, we propose properties with high asset value meeting the business condition.
To customers with investment purpose, we propose properties with high profitability capturing current needs.